Interview with FISKADORO

Earnestness and imminent doom make up the power in the Fiskadoro power lift. Dub is all there is.

fskd 7-23-2010 shfl

q: jack boots or jack-offs?

Kings and Presidents, rulers of men.

q: staring at the prospect of the end of days (a prospect we reckon entirely false but evocative) do you laugh or cry?

I have had reoccurring dreams about the end of the world since 1983. This is nothing new.

q: ten best dishes:

This will be best answered in Jen’s upcoming book ‘Cooking with Fiskadoro’. Here’s a preview:

I Got Your Bean Pie Right Here

2 pieces of bread

Spicy roasted carrot spread


Canned black beans flavored to taste – I used cumin, salt, allspice and a few coconut shavings

Canola oil for grilling

Inspired by convenience store bean pies and whatever food was conveniently in my kitchen, these are cheap, tasty and a great way of impressing without having to shop. The carrot spread is a recipe that I got online, but it falls into my category of “if you can’t use it, roast it!”pantry stretchers that work for most root vegetables.

Heat a small frying pan over medium and add as much oil as you would use for a grilled cheese sandwich. On one bread slice, spread a thin layer of carrot spread, layer lettuce leaves to cover it, spoon as much of the bean mixture as you think you can control in a sandwich without beans going everywhere, cover with another layer of lettuce, spread the other slice of bread with carrot spread, and grill, pressing hard with a spatula to try to get the middle to “set.” Check the other side and flip, pressing down again. Each side should take a couple of minutes, depending on how toasted you like your sandwiches.

Words about Sandwiches

If you are dead broke and have a few minutes to spare in between looking for jobs and wanting to punch yourself in the face thinking about how much money you used to spend on things, you can make a sandwich out of almost anything if you have a tolerant and unpicky subject. Tortilla wraps help with this. Here are some of my recent combinations, all served cold. In all cases I use the above-mentioned spicy carrot spread if I have it; if I don’t, I use mustard.

Lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber

Lettuce, beans, cucumber

Lettuce, pears, cucumber

fskd 5-12-2012

q: is there any changing a course once a course has been set?

Absolutely. Upon gaining the skills of transportation – i.e. learning how to ride a bicycle and later learning to drive a car – my Dad would encourage me to get lost somewhere and find my way back. It is the only way to get to know your town or city. You can apply this ‘get lost’ idea to all sorts of things. It certain informs us as Fiskadoro. We change course daily.

q: tell us who is fskd?

My wife Jen plays the bass & sings on occasion. I play the guitar and sing and make beats. Kirston Lane Otis plays the synth and bass and makes beats as well. Kirston joined in 2010, replacing Travis Kerschen who was playing synth and kaoss pad for us in the halcyon days of 2009.

q: what did you do in all those years in lake jaxon when you weren’t fskd’ing?

Jen and I worked in soul destroying oil industry jobs. We made good money and hated ourselves. We no longer work in the oil industry. And we no longer make good money. But we sleep much better at night.


q: are there any good reasons to avoid pain?

We have a Revolution Summer era quote from Ian MacKaye taped to our refrigerator. It reads: “Personal purifying is the beginning of everything. Once you get your own shit together, once you get your own mind together, it makes life for you and the people around you so much more agreeable and understandable as opposed to constant fucking problems.”

q: are there any good reasons to avoid pleasure?

I’ve heard heroin can be quite pleasurable. But it’s probably not the healthiest lifestyle choice.

q: what comedians ?

Dick Gregory, Don Rickles, Andy Kaufman, Chris Eliot, Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Mel Brooks, Bill Hicks, Josh Yelley.

q: at least ten influential authors:

Denis Johnson, Gary Snyder, J.G. Ballard, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Abraham Rodriguez, Don DeLillo, George Orwell, Cormac McCarthy, Robert Coover, Irvine Welsh.

q: slash and burn or rinse and repeat?

It all sounds so sinister. I have a strange obsession with the Robert Downey Jr movie ‘1969’. Does that answer the question?

q: then musicians?

Wire, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Frank Sinatra, Albert Ayler, Phil Ochs, Joe Strummer, Marc Almond, 101 Strings, Devo, 1st four OMD albums, Urgent Fury, Moss Icon, King Tubby, Kraftwerk, Mark Stewart, Happy Go Licky, Crass, Ari Up, Duran Duran, Jah Wobble, Mark Cunningham, Ike Yard, Dark Day, Heaven 17, Swans, B.A.D., The Ex, Chris Moffa, Mikey Dread, Lungfish, The Fall, The Congos, David Sylvian, Schoolly D.

q: now musicians?

Wire, Swans, The Ex, Jan Wobble, Kode9, Moritz Von Oswald, //TENSE//, Shacketon, Demdike Stare, Excepter, Twisted Wires, Hatred Surge, Balaclavas, Chromatics, New War, Darkstar, Mi Ami, The Wiggins, Jesu.

q: grace or pressure?

Pressure fuels everything we do. From 1970s Dub to 1980s post-punk to all those stretches of unemployment everyone in this band has dealt with since the economic collapse. Yet we still try to dress with a sense of grace.

q: heckle  or harangue?

When I first started going to shows in Houston I came across Don Walsh of Rusted Shut. He was heckling //TENSE// and Cee Plus. I wanted to harangue him. But soon after I met him and found out he is a really sweet man. All roads lead to Rusted Shut.

q: artists…

Chistopher Cascio, Domokos, Jon Read, Travis Kerschen (see the fskd song ‘Iko Didn’t Burn the Money’), Bill Viola, Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko, Banksy, Raymond Pettibone. And the various found artworks Jen brings home from her daily outings.

q: now and future (fksd)

We’ve released a series of 4 EP’s, 3 of them (See Jungle, Dread Nights, Dubai) are available for free at our bandcamp page. We are in the preliminary stages of making our first album for the earlyastronauts label. Kirston plays in Afterparty. Jen & I play in Distant Worker. And I play in Monotype Sorts. Much work remains to be done.

q: the future? (other)

The Houston Astros will not be very good in 2013. The United States will continue to throw bombs on people in other countries like some video game party.

q: fuckers?

People who do not take proper care of their pets.

q: fakers?

Nobody really speaks of Witch House anymore.

q: friends?

J. Read, C. Cascio, Travis K, Mlee Marie, Bobby Lane, IJ, Future Blondes, Dead Roses, Hearts of Animals, Heather Dowling, Adam Ferguson, Melanie Jamison, Brian P. Dunleavy at the Manmade Wasteland blog, Brandon Owings, Tommy Burns, Jesus Sanchez, Joe Wilford, Rowan Bishop, Duane Larson, Fernando Alejandro, A Thousand Cranes, Kunst Fascion, Matt Blackburn, Gary Richardson.


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  1. Honored and humbled. Keep On mutherstruckers !

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