Interview with JUSTIN WATERS

Justin Waters is a man of independent tastes.  He produces music as Mugu Guymen, releases music as Sounds from the Pocket, and tour manages Acid Mother’s Temple when they come to the USSA.

What’s up:
I finally broke down and bought a brand new mac book pro, to stop the slow, half assed, painful computer existence I have led for 10 years. It has crashed two times in two months, so I’m going to the apple store again today.

Where are you from:
Hampton VA. A block from Newport News VA. Awesome times skating, using spraypaint, and playing with city signage.

Where are you now:
Discovery Village, Austin Texas

How long have you been at it:
In 1991 I put some guitar vocal noise stuff on the master tape of a punk band I was in. My step mom had a tape deck w/ right and left quarter inch inputs.I grew up on punk rock, was booking shows in 1990 for “enter at your own risk” aka “zeal progression”

What else do you do:
Document live actions with tape decks or video cameras. There isn’t a whole lot of it out there in the world yet, but I sure do have boxes full of live sets by all sorts of noise weirdo’s. I also run a label…release cdr’s, tapes and dvd’s on and I am a dj at, my show is called Milking The Pigeon, I play all kindsa arfican stuff and a bunch of other weird ass shit like tea man and tea gum. and I try to keep some balance with health, via watching what I eat, tai chi, and swimming.

How do you keep it together:
Barely, rarely. habits do it.

What are you reading: 1993 flipside, Harper’s magazine, a world lit only by fire, and good god trying to get my face into the Brothers Karamazov.

What comedy and/or comedians are you into:
Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg, ….

What are you listening to, lately: rahdunes, indian jewelry, ethiopian, high life….

What art, if any, have you seen worth talking about:
Birmingham, Alabama has an art museum. All kindsa sculptures from way way back… Incredible how different we are now. What will we americans leave? Tires and concrete chunks. We sure have advanced. Good god, we are fancy.

Worked any fucked-up jobs? Do tell:

Any job with a manager is fucked up. Just try to make it fun or fucking quit. No one wants your negativity on the job.

Played any fucked-up shows:
At the House of Tinnitus I managed to get a microphone, a prayer bell and a contact mic into my mouth before puking in front of the heaving throb of bodies waving in front of us. Best set ever.

With whom, if anyone, do you roll:
Bryan Cougar Martin, Bubblegum Shit Face, and the Morsbergers. and Acid Mothers Temple, literally.

Where are you headed: Philly/Miami/Philly, and around the country in spring.

Where is the rest of it headed:
Depends on what we do.

What can you do about it:
Meet your neighbors.

People to look out for, because they are bad news:
Soldiers, police

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