Interview with KUNST FASCION

Mariana Saldana is Kunst Fascion.


She is also an artist, a stylist, a real estate agent, and a member of  Tense and Medio Mutante. Formerly she was in Broke Legs and Crocodile Tears with Jason Villegas and before that in various incarnations of RUA Minx (with Donna Huanca, and also Tina Forbis, and Jason Villegas.)  Apparently, she is also the kind of person who capitalizes Coffee and Weed but leaves the name of her CREATOR in lower case.  See below.

What’s up:

What’s up is the Future is Up in Flames.

Where are you from:

I’m from Houston but my family is from Mexico. I didn’t know English until I was 5.

Where are you now:

Now I spend my time between Houston, New York & LA.  Houston for the winters for sure.

How long have you been at it:

Well I played piano when I was a little girl, Every summer my mom would send my brother and I to Mexico and my aunt and uncle would give me piano lessons. Then in 6th grade I played Saxophone, I never practiced but knew how to read music so I always had second chair. The asian always had first chair. THEN, I started making crazy music again when I was like 21 w Ruaminx.. after that it was just one band after another and now here we are. 8 years later w MKF and TENSE and MM… I’m really happy it became something real.

What got you started:

My love of music began in my grandmas garage.

I fondly remember my cousin (who later spent 7 years in prison) teasing my bangs with a fork and spraying it with Aquanet while we listened to Freestyle music on the radio. I loved that music so much all the songs stuck in my head and I still to this day really really love freestyle music. I really think that is when I began to Love Music, that moment changed me forever.

What else do you do:

I’ve been selling real estate for 7 years. I work for my mom’s company.

I also like to make architectural drawings and geometric shaped clothes.

I am currently obsessed with Phillip Johnson’s work. He made so much stuff in the area where I work, like Transco Tower, that I am surrounded by his memory and I really worship his ideas & thought process of simplicity.

I am planning a series of paintings/collages of his buildings, they are the most beautiful when it’s been raining and it’s all foggy outside, they tower thru the clouds. It’s really majestic.

How do you keep it together:

Strong Coffee + Strong Weed. Christian Dior Concealer #410, And the occasional prayer to god for mercy.

What are you reading:

Augustine Burroughs, A wolf at the dinner table. Just finished his book DRY.

What comedy and/or comedians are you into:

I get kicked out of comedy clubs for Africa.

What are you listening to, lately:

Annie Lennox, for some reason I think I can sing like her. I am going to do a cover of her song “Love is a Stranger” at my next show and hopefully for the album. She also had a very interesting album w the Drummer from DAF whom she was married to at one point.

ART worth talking about;

What the fuck is up with all this neon hipster art? Isn’t new-rave over. I think I am getting old. I refer back to my fave Mark Rothko, Just paint that big canvas Black and I’ll love it. Well when I was in NY there was a bad ass Bucky Fuller Exhibition.. that ruled!

Worked any fucked-up jobs? Do tell:

When I was in NY I tried to get a job as a foot model. You would go to a spa Saturday Nights and have dudes & women worship your feet for $500 a night. But, last week I realized that I have really really long toes and that is probably why I was never hired.

Played any fucked-up shows:

One word “RUAMINX”

With whom, if anyone, do you roll:

I roll w Bobby, I keep wondering when he is going to be Robert, you can’t be 40 years old and be a Bobby. We can’t get rid of eachother. But we have finally learned to work together and not be competitive. We are both fire signs, I looked it up one day and it said FIRE + FIRE = EXPLOSION, totally true, he is a Leo and I’m an Aries, we are a perfect match but we fight hard too and it’s really bad sometimes. But he does bring me coffee in bed so he can’t be all bad.

Where are you headed:

The Stars, we are going to play some shows at SXSW, then I’ll go to LA and finish the new MM album. Then hopefully back to NY.

Where is the rest of it headed:

I think just to get a sandwich.

What can you do about it:

Make Music, Give Input.

Are there any people you’d like to mention who’ve helped you work it out:

Bob of course, Seth and Jose & Veronica have all been instrumental in my success.

Oh and that one other Bitch, you know who.

People to look for:


People to look out for, because they are bad news:


Anything you have in the works, on the ready, or on the horizon:

New KF album La Diosa, Bobby and I are working on it as we speak.

New MM album, stonesthrow is really interested in it.  Maybe TENSE will tour with Nitzer Ebb thru Mexico in April….
Anything else you want to pass on:

I really love disco music. and dark smokey places.

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