Interview with LOTO BALL

Interview with Loto Ball of the Loto Ball Show, Reversible Eye Gallery, the Phantom Limbs, Boy Skouts of Annihilation, etc.

photo by Dylan Gordon

What’s up:

my name is Loto Ball

Where are you from:

i’m a california kid

Where are you now:


How long have you been at it:

i’ve been an ordained minister since 91 or 92 i think

What got you started:

i had friends in bands and i wanted to get involved and offered to be their manager

What else do you do:

i still do the same things as always. i manage people. i’m a helper. i help people. i make life better.
stimulus and direction

How do you keep it together:

that’s all relative of course. i hope to get much more organized and also travel more. I have 2 loto ball shows.
They are in the 2nd and 3rd ranked cities in this country. My next cities to create a branch in will be New York and Houston.  Tex and Erika of Indian Jewelry have already agreed to take on the Houston Project.

What are you reading:

i don’t read anymore, not like i used to…. i read some hawthorne the other day and i am slowly working on a huxley book

What comedy and/or comedians are you into:

that’s a funny question! funny that you ask! a funny thing happened recently. There’s a great Chicago comedian, Cameron Esposito

What are you listening to, lately:

I downloaded a 4 part compilation of female-fronted punk recently and am listening to that constantly. I love the ladies.

What art, if any, you seen worth talking about:

I went to listen to Doug Aitken speak and look at his work and I was into it. It’s like advertising.
I like him. He does films and he also does his own sound/music for them. So I’m into that. He does  installations and does them inside buildings, outside buildings. He even creates his own buildings

Worked any fucked-up jobs? Do tell:

tons. i telemarketed for 10 years.

Played any fucked-up shows:

i don’t know, i mean, if there’s only 3 people watching you , that kind of sucks. that’s probably the worst. i’ve been knocked out by people and gone to the hospital after shows, but playing to 3 people is worse.

With whom, if anyone, do you roll: i roll with my cats and my wife and the artists at my art studio and my friends.

Where are you headed:

going into more multi-media work like doug aitken, laurie anderson, and bjork.

Where is the rest of it headed:

same place as me

What can you do about it:

what do you mean?

Are there any people you’d like to mention who’ve helped you work it out:

they know who they are

People to look for:

i link to stuff like this online. join my networks. you’ll see

People to look out for, because they are bad news:

don’t use total choice hosting for your website

Anything you have in the works, on the ready, or on the horizon:

i’m creating a solo show incorporating video and electronics and debuting it in Europe this Autumn.

Anything else you want to pass on:

Can I have some more questions?

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