Interview with NETSHAKER

I don’t know what psychedelic means, but NETSHAKER is a psychedelic other.

What’s up:

Connie, Jim. Thanks for having us.

Where are you from:

York County, PA/ wilderness

Where are you now:

Los Angeles, CA

How long have you been at it:

(Extended Remix)

What got you started:

The Decline of Western Civilization/ wilderness

What else do you do:


How do you keep it together:


What are you reading:

Vermilion Sands by JG Ballard, Caesar Antichrist by Alfred Jarry

What comedy and/or comedians are you into:

Hedberg lives.

What are you listening to, lately:

Les Keegan, Jackie’s Diner, A Little Tenderness, To A Lesser Degree, Summer Lady, The Enchanter, Feelin’ It, The High Life, The Moon Is Uptown, Crash And Burn, Les Is More… The Essentials, Life Lessons, Sincerely, Les, The Very Best of Les Keegan

What art, if any, have you seen worth talking about:

Rosemarie Trockel, Christina Ramberg, Robert Overby

Worked any fucked-up jobs? Do tell:

Cemetery phonecaller, woodshop manager, philanthropist’s courier, science center tech, Salvation Army intake, circuit board plugger, etc.

Played any fucked-up shows:

Yes. Where are you headed: Eschaton.

Where is the rest of it headed:


What can you do about it:


Are there any people you’d like to mention who’ve helped you work it out:


People to look for: Snacks.

People to look out for, because they are bad news: Eschatologists.

Anything you have in the works, on the ready, or on the horizon:

Going live this summer. Recording our second LP this fall.

Anything else you want to pass on:

York County, PA/ wilderness

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