Interview with SILK FLOWERS

Aviram Cohen, Ethan Swan, and Peter Schuette comprise SILK FLOWERS

Where are you from:

New Yuck Citay

Where are you now:

New Yuck Citay

How long have you been at it:

‘Bout a year and a half… video by Brian Degraw
What got you started:

I guess that would be our collective interest in making something new. Being avid music listeners and appreciators that want to contribute to something we’ve each gotten a lot out of. Then, taking what we like out of that and making it our own. That sort of thing…

What else do you do:

I like to collage papers with scissors and glue. Think about stuff. Sort it out in my mind. I also build walls and display cases for a museum.

How do you keep it together:

One day at a time. Try to only think one or two steps ahead and not worry too much about 10 or 12. I’ll get there soon enough.

What are you reading:

I just finished Graham Greene’s The Power and The Glory. It tells the story of an “all too human” priest. It’s supposed to be the story of a modern day resurrection. A real page turner.

And I just started reading Lolita. Pretty good so far…

What are you listening to, lately:

I’ve been revisiting my more like kraut records like early Cluster and Harmonia. The Ralph and Florian record. Additionally the new Infinite Body record is in heavy rotation. video by Tara Sinn
People to look for:

Infinite Body.

Anything you have in the works, on the ready, or on the horizon:

Right now we’re working on writing a new LP. It’s going pretty good so far. We’re trying to take  our time and think about the songs more than we’ve done in the past.

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