Interview with VULGAR FASHION

VULGAR FASHION is a band from Denton, Texas.  It may well be that they once did and said bad things while on a cruise.

What’s up:

2000 and Space this is Kubic Zirconia. Le Chauffeur is unavailable.

Where are you from:

Vulgar Fashion was born in Denton Texas– I do not really have a place I call home. I was born in Germany and lived in 6 different States/Countries before I was 14 years old.

Where are you now:

Denton Texas

How long have you been at it:

Vulgar Fashion was a slow conception of about two years.  Our first performance was last year in August.  Before VF Le Chauffeur and I were involved in numerous music projects.

What got you started:

Le Chauffeur and I met after he saw me perform with Christian! Teenage Runaway and we eventually became friends.   We would talk about music and learned that we have very similar views and interests in art.

What else do you do:

We both make videos and right now we are working on a horror film. Le Chauffeur also makes 2D paper, video and audio collages.  They are very animal erotic.

How do you keep it together:

It has been tricky lately because of living situations and practice space, but Le Chauffeur and I have a very intuitive artistic communication with each other. Magnetic magic

What are you reading: I’m reading Night Stalker …Most of the books I read are nonfiction and about serial killers….I get enough fiction from living in Denton-

What comedy and/or comedians are you into:

I like laurel and Hardy and Darell Bluett is my favorite standup comic.

What are you listening to, lately:

Kate Bush, Three 6 mafia, Britney Spears, –I have to admit I have a hard time getting into any “new” or local music.  I am very picky I hate almost everything so if people do not like my music I am not offended.

What art, if any, you seen worth talking about:

Evan Grant works with cymatics

Worked any fucked-up jobs? Do tell:

Yes I have worked several fucked up jobs. I was robbed by fake gun point once when I worked at a gas station.

Played any fucked-up shows:

yeah –but in a good way. Except when it was in a bad way.

With whom, if anyone, do you roll:

Rival Gang

Where are you headed:

Hopefully I can go to outer space soon…..

Where is the rest of it headed:

to Brazil

What can you do about it:

become really muscular and get a sex change

Are there any people you’d like to mention who’ve helped you work it out:

Satan and Jesus as a whole. Also Madonna has done a lot for us.

People to look for:

My mom

People to look out for, because they are bad news:


Anything you have in the works, on the ready, or on the horizon:

A horror movie and more video and I am building a time machine

Anything else you want to pass on:

If it feels good do it, you only live once in your life….

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